While adults argue about Common Core, standardized testing, curriculum and other issues, 11th graders across the state have noticed there is no punishment for skipping the standardized tests, and many of their parents don't care anyway. But now schools may be punished.

Washington is one of 11 states that may lose funding from the Dept. of Education because not enough students took the standardized tests. 80 percent of Kennewick 11th graders skipped the tests, which may be among the highest no-show rates in the nation!

The state-wide average was 30 percent. The averages in Seattle were in the 40s.

Most standardized test scores are factored into graduation, or advancing a grade. There is zero consequence to an 11th grader for refusing.

The U.S. Dept. of Education requires a state to have 95 percent participation rate across all grades. Because of the students who skipped, the state's total participation was only 91 percent. It could cost Kennewick School District hundreds of thousands in federal funding.

Since many Tri-Cities parents don't support the testing, it's up to the schools and the state Dept. of Education to fix the problem, or live without the funding.

Chad Mcdermott
Chad Mcdermott

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