This story puts a whole new spin on 'Hey Little Girl Want Some Candy' Kennewick Police seize a 'LARGE' quantity of Marijuana infused candy off the streets after serving a search warrant on a vehicle that was impounded for investigation of illegal drug activity

Look closely... this candy looks legit and I would hate for a child to consume it!

pot candy 2

Here's the original post from the Kenewick police department:

On 02-10-2017, KPD officers served a search warrant on a vehicle that had been previously seized for a drug investigation. During the search, marijuana in amounts that were above the legal limit for recreational use, was located. Also located were several items of "candy" that had indications that they were infused with cannabis. This was based upon labeling on some of the packaging, other items located within the vehicle, and this "candy" was not packaged in a traditional manner. Noted was that some of the "candy" had the same appearance as store bought candy. We would like encourage all consumers of foods to know of their source prior to consumption. 17-04114

pot candy
pot candy 3

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