I guess the couple that shoplifts together stays together. Kennewick Police are in search of two shoplifters from the Castle store in Kennewick.
It appears that they are a couple and they stole an electronic item from the adult novelty store.

Kennewick Police filed the report and shared the photo of the couple on their Facebook page.
KPD is hoping that someone will step up and identify the shoplifters in the video cameras.
Here is what the report says:
It was reported that the couple entered the Castle store on N Columbia Center Blvd where the female selected an adult electronic novelty item and the male concealed it on his person prior to them leaving and not paying.
If you recognize either, please contact non-emergency dispatch at (509) 628-0333 and provide KPD Case 20-47252.
I realize items at the Castle store can be expensive but geez, I'm not sure you want that crime on your rap sheet. If you recognize the couple, contact KPD so they can wrap this case up.
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