Two escape artists were apprehended by the Kennewick Police Department and actually made for a heart-warming fun story.

Our Kennewick Police Department doesn't get enough credit for the hard work they do.

I once got a note in my mailbox from the Kennewick Police Department thanking me for having a well-lit front porch that easily displays our house number and it's that kind of customer service I love from our Kennewick Police.

Last night, two clever escape artists were captured by Officer Greiber, showing us again why Kennewick Police is the best!

Here is what went down on the Kennewick Police Department's Facebook page:

Officers never know what they will find when conducting their extra patrols and last night was no different. While patrolling the old downtown Kennewick Parkade area, Officer Greiber came across two furry escape artists. Thankfully, Roxy and Gizmo had tags with the owner’s name and phone number and a quick reunion was arranged. Roxy and Gizmo are now home safely getting a much needed bath, warmth, and rest.

I love that Roxy and Gizmo found their way home thanks to the kindness of the Kennewick Police Department. I'm sure Roxy and Gizmo enjoyed their crazy night out and the extra belly rubs and treats but nice to see KPD sharing the good works they do outside of law enforcement - the job is so much more than just the bad stuff and this was a wonderful reminder of the good stores out there as well.

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