A Kennewick woman's quick thinking saved her from a potential scam and danger.

According to the Kennewick Police, a woman's sister and herself were threatened if she refused to send money to the scammer. It was a scary situation but the woman kept a cool head and luckily she and her sister are ok.

Here is what happened according to the Kennewick Police Department:

Earlier today a Kennewick employee received a call from an unknown male. The male told the employee that her sister had just been in an auto accident in Spokane (the employee actually has a sister in Spokane). The male said he has her sister with him.

The male was calm and acting like a helpful citizen. The employee could hear a female crying in the background. The employee asked multiple times to talk to her sister but the male refused. The male then told the employee that she needs to send some money to him.

The keen employee recognized she was being scammed. She refused to provide any money or information to the male. The male became enraged and started yelling and screaming at her. He threatened to hurt or kill her sister if the employee refused to provide him money.

Again, the employee said no to the male. The male then disconnected the line. The employee immediately called her sister and she was perfectly fine at home.

That's some scary stuff but kudos for the woman keeping a straight head and keeping calm. The Kennewick Police Department is reminding folks that scams are all over the place and if you suspect you being scammed, call the police.

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