Kesha? Acoustic? You bet. The 'Die Young' singer will release a five-song EP called 'Deconstructed' through her fan store with the fan edition of her 'Warrior' album, due Dec. 4.

Most casual listeners would think an acoustic record is antithetical to everything the usually heavily-AutoTuned Kesha stands for, but Animals aren't shocked -- just thrilled. K-Dollar Sign gave a hint to her acoustic and simpler leanings when she released her cover of Bob Dylan's 'Don't Think Twice, It's Alright,' a cut she recorded in one take. (You can actually hear her start to cry in the song.)

The album will feature cuts from 'Warrior,' 'Cannibal' and 'Animal,' all stripped of their usual electronic tricks. It's an intimate and, depending on the track (here's looking at you, 'The Harold Song') moving collection of Kesha's catalog.

Kesha uploaded her acoustic version of 'Die Young' to her YouTube channel, and it's almost completely different from the original. While the melody and lyrics are the same, there's minimal accompaniment, and the tempo has slowed significantly. Kesha's voice is raw -- no tricks or electronics here -- and it still sounds beautiful. This rendition is a gentler one, reminiscent of a lullaby or Imogen Heap track, which is almost ironic considering its apocalyptic party theme -- but it works wonderfully.

'Deconstructed' and the acoustic 'Die Young' are likely a taste of what's to come from the cannibal queen's new album. “About 90 percent of the time, I don’t give a f—. But I give so many f—s about this album,” she said of 'Warrior.' “Some people weren't sure if I could sing. On this record, I said ‘Let’s leave the tricks to a minimum and let me wail.’”

Kesha, 'Deconstructed' Tracklisting

1. 'Old Flames'
2. 'Blow'
3. 'Harold Song'
4. 'Die Young'
5. 'Supernatural'

Listen to Kesha, 'Die Young (Acoustic)'

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