Bradley Schaffer, who grew up in Benton City making claymation videos in his garage, won an Emmy on Sunday for his claymation work for "Robot Chicken" on Cartoon Network!
Apparently he's been locally famous since 2001 when HBO used one of his segments in a TV special when he was only 14 years old. After graduating Ki-Be High he attended CBC before heading to California.
In his speech he thanked his parents for letting him turn the garage into a claymation studio and according to family and friends he spent a lot of time in there. But hard work is what he became famous for it's what he attributes his success to.
Schaffer and his girlfriend work for the same company and together are working on a new show for Adult Swim, so expect to see more great work and awards from this local guy!

I have no idea if Schaffer worked on this video, but this is a segment from the show he won for. Beware, it's late-night television for adults and not appropriate for kids and Not Safe For Work: