Kobe Bryant loved the game of Basketball. He retired in 2016 and thought he'd left the game behind but his young daughter brought him back to the game he loved so much.

It wasn't unusual for Kobe Bryant to fly with his daughter to basketball tournaments, he was most recently in Washington State in Cashmere as a recent game less than a few weeks ago.

Kobe and his daughter Gianna were in Cashmere to watch Hailey Van Lith play. Van Lith is a junior from Cashmere High School who has had offers from just about every major college basketball coach in the country. She is currently ranked 8th in the nation for women's basketball class of 2020.

She'll be playing for the University of Louisville Women's Basketball team next year.

Bryant was cool enough to snap photos with the entire team showing his generosity and kindness and love for the game.

I'm sure the girls will remember that night for a lifetime, meeting a legend and not realizing it would be one of the last times Kobe Byrant and his daughter would enjoy a game they both loved together.

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