Lady Gaga was the subject of ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ on OWN tonight (March 18). Cameras followed her to the Harvard launch of the Born This Way Foundation and inside her parent’s New York City home where she grew up, the latter of which had never been infiltrated by the media.

Preview clips teased how Gaga’s parents felt about her slow and steady rise to ‘The Fame,’ her familial aspirations and her upcoming silence where she will stop granting press interviews in order to reconnect with herself in order to make new music.

Gaga revealed that there will be a “Born Brave” bus where fans can go and talk about the BTW Foundation’s message. The vehicle will follow the tour, sprinkling seeds that will grow in the communities when Gaga pulls out of town. The Mother Monster also spoke about not differentiating between the the bullies and victims, because bullies can be reacting due to their own victimization. “There is no difference between the bully and the victim. There is a misconception that we can pass a law about it…” How astute of Gaga to realize you can’t legislate bullying but you can work to combat it.

Casa de Germanotta is small but lovely, with a backyard patio that opens up to face the family’s church. Mrs. Germanotta shared a home video of Gaga laying a smooch on her baby sister Natali, who is six years younger. The Steinway piano that her parents bought for her (and spend several months paying for) as a child remains a centerpiece of the home.

Gaga admitted that she is a daddy’s girl, even though she is “in love” with her mother. Mama G said she is fine with both of her daughters being under their father’s spell. And since the ‘Marry the Night’ singer has no home and lives like a gypsy, her mother keeps all of her awards housed in a case that Gaga’s grandfather and father built.

Mother Monster spoke about the late, great Whitney Houston, calling her “the greatest” and sharing that she used to sing Houston’s infamous version of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ every day at the top of the stairs of the family home. Gaga stated she could not believe that the diva’s “heart was no longer beating” and that she is “grateful that she knew I loved her.” Remember, Gaga did thank Houston in her 2011 Grammy speech, saying that she had envisioned Houston singing ‘Born This Way’ since she didn’t have the courage to.

The singer also shared her experiences about being bullied while attending an all-girl Catholic school. She was girly and always dressed up since she wanted to be a singer, while her classmates were chose to wear sweats with their hair pulled back in buns, so they picked on her. She recalled being tossed in a trash can by boys from a nearby school who were hanging out with the popular girls. She said they made fun of her for crying.

The Mother Monster keeps her ego in check, thanks to her family, who would “slap me silly” if she ever became egomaniacal. She also shared that her only fear is her family being harmed by the fact that she is famous … and famously polarizing. Is it us or is Gaga making it cool to like your parents and seek their approval?

The topic of her relationships came up, and she would not speak about rumored boyfriend Taylor Kinney. She just said that she is happy and feels like a lady.

Gaga also elaborated on her media blackout, saying, “I don’t read a d— thing. No press. No television. If my mom calls and says, ‘Did you hear about…,’ I don’t want to know. I shut it all off. Other than this interview Oprah, I don’t plan on speaking to anyone for a long time. To have my moment. I have to shut it all out. The noise. You know the noise. It’s loud. You have to cancel out the noise and remember that it’s your thoughts that matter.”

She also spoke about how she likes to “hit the nerve,” saying, “I am not interesting in making lukewarm pop music or lukewarm philanthropic efforts or throwing money at an organization that I know nothing about. I want to get you talking,” since communication leads to change.

Another key statement she made? “I am exactly who am I on stage at home. I am exactly who I am on the street. I was born that way.”

Gaga fixed tea for Oprah and her mother when Mama Germanotta sat down for her portion of the chat. Ma G calls her “Stefi” and “Gaga.” She doesn’t like when Gaga swears, but was okay with the meat dress.

The singer revealed that her alter ego Jo Calderone was a way for her to confess things about her personal life, like her sex and love lives, which she is normally uncomfortable talking about. She said, “He is my confession.” She also revealed she spent two weeks as Jo, taping down her breasts and going through a psychological change to become him.

Gaga returned to the topic of bullying, saying, that no matter what level of fame and fortune she attains, you can still be scarred for life and she still remembers being thrown in that trash can. That’s precisely why she is crusading against bullying in such an active way.

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