Recently in my neighborhood two little girls were hosting a lemonade stand and I thought to myself, "How cute!" All those things we do as children make me feel a little nostalgic.

Little did I know it is illegal for kids to have lemonade stands in Washington state without an official permit!!! Sheesh!

Well now Country Time Lemonade is stepping up and offering to pay for fines for those "illegal" lemonade stands. All the states in white are states where it is Illegal to have lemonade stands without a the whole Pacific Northwest, what's up?

Stacy Lee
Stacy Lee

If you live in a state that deems unpermitted lemonade stands illegal, don’t worry, Legal-Ade is still helping kids this summer. Any child fined for running an unpermitted lemonade stand can have his or her parent apply for reimbursement.”

Way to go Country Time!

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