To say we've fallen in love is an understatement. Eddie is a terminal dog with Mikey's Chance Dog Rescue and he's looking for a million likes on his page in hopes that Ellen will have him on her show.

Time is of the essence as Eddie doesn't have much time. He's been making the rounds and has gone nation-wide thanks to the Pasco Police Department making him an honorary K-9 Officer.

Eddie is terminal and has between 6 months to a year because he has a tumor near his eye that can't be operated on. Eddie's foster parents created a bucket list for Eddie and it keeps growing and growing.

Eddie's story has been featured across the nation and now we are hoping that exposure will get Ellen's folks to see him and invite him on the show.

Eddie is a wonderful ambassador for the Pitbull breed and will bring awareness to all the rescues that need love.

Mikey's Chance is hoping that Eddie can get a million likes and it will get him the attention of Ellen.

You can help get Eddie there by going to his Facebook Page here and clicking like.

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