Billy's Bull Pen Tavern will be closing it's doors forever according to a recent post on their facebook page

Facebook Post reads:

Writing a goodbye is so hard to do. Bernie (building owner) is officially closing the doors. I won't go into the many details involved in this departure.
I am so grateful for all of the people who supported and believed in me the past 6 years of the exciting adventure of owning a bar! Without you I would have never made it! I'm proud of my work and sincerely love the time I had with each and every one of you!
To answer some of your many questions:
No I won't be relocating, I've been looking the past year, everything is too expensive and it just wouldn't be "Billy's" anymore.
Yes, ALL of Billy's memorabilia will be returned to his family as promised.
Yes, I am selling everything. I have some people interested in most of it but until I get serious offers everything is up for sale!!!
No the beer signs and taps are NOT for sale, those go back to the beer distributors.
Yes I am truly sad about this closure, however the last 3 months being closed due to the fire has allowed me to spend quality time with my children who I really missed by working so much. Although the are 15-19 yrs in age...they still think their mom is a badass!!!
I'm finally at peace with this process and closing another chapter in my life. Time to write the next one!!!
Stay happy my friends!
Much love

The tavern suffered a fire back in July of this year.

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