Immigration to our country is a complex issue.  Certainly there are many things to consider. I am not alone in seeing what it does to our welfare system. But, I also know that being a parent...there is no limit to what I would go through to make sure my children were in a place where they could feel safe, have rights, and have a promising future.  Those who want that for themselves and their families think making their way to the US is the only way. 


It's not easy to become a citizen legally unless you have the finacial means to do so. To most, it isn't an option.

It is these people, that my heart goes out to. They are no different than you and I wanting and wishing for the best for our children and their future.

We have been given and often take for granted, what some are willing to die for at even the chance to live here!

Whether it is wrong or right, and you are for or against isn't what I'm asking of you. Both sides, I believe need to recognize the reality of what it is like for the people who are facing that challenge. Maybe then we can find a solution.

My son featured a story and wrote a blog about it that he recently posted, and I would like to share that with you. You don't have to take a stand any which way. Just be aware of the situation and imagine what it might be like where they are coming from.   I think it's something we should all watch. If at very least, It will help you to appreciate living in this great nation to which so many risk their lives to get into.

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