First of all, IF you're doing to wear the mask when perpetrating a crime, you might want to leave it on.

Secondly, perhaps you don't realize lottery tickets can be tracked.


Richland Police didn't specify when or where this suspect allegedly stole a bunch of lottery tickets, but they're looking to ID the man.

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It appears in one image he's masked up, the other we get a better look.  We've been told that if a ticket is redeemed (especially a winner) the number is 'registered' or goes on electronic record.  Tickets are sold from those big rolls, numerical sequential numbers.

It's possible the numbers of the stolen tickets can be recorded, and then if they pop up as a winner somewhere (even only $1) the security footage at that location can be checked.

If you do know who this guy is, call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.


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