Kennewick Police need your help in tracking down the lowest of low criminals that raided a shed housing equipment from the Washington Special Olympics.

Kennewick Police posted to their Facebook page the incident and now they are trying to track down those responsible for the crime. Here is the report as filed by the Kennewick Police Department :

On May 20, 2020 officers responded to the report of a storage unit burglary at 5203 W Canal Drive, Kennewick. Upon contact with the reporting party officers learned that sometime during the evening hours of May 18, 2020 an unknown suspect(s) forcibly removed the lock from a storage unit at this location and stole several thousand dollars' worth of sporting equipment. The sporting equipment stolen in this incident belongs to the Special Olympics Washington and is used by several of the organization's athletes to complete in summer and winter events. The equipment stolen includes several bicycles, several Sun brand adult tricycles, several snowboards, and bags of ski and snowboarding personal equipment.

The Kennewick Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit will be following up on this investigation.

If anyone in the area has security cameras that point towards the street, please check them for suspicious vehicles during the evening hours of May 18th and call the KPD at 628-0333 if you saw anything suspicious.

It's a sad day when we have to report about someone stealing from the Special Olympics. I hope they find out who did this and get all the items returned in a safe condition.

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