Madonna's frenzied, green screen-centric #RebelBlast of Boom Boom Room chaos, "Bitch I'm Madonna," certainly got its fair share of heat in the past few weeks from critics. There were those tired cries of "OLD AND DESPERATE!" from the usual suspects, sure, but also a lot of made-up drama suggesting that the Queen Of Pop was purposely attempting to take on Taylor Swift's own recent cameo-filled spectacle, "Bad Blood" — not that any of Madge's BFFs were actually on-set to film this video. (To be fair, Katy Perry's split-second cameo might have been a subtle jab to Tay Tay. Probably not, though — she's too busy counting those coins on the cover of Forbes. Sorry 'bout it!)

Anyway, back to M-Dolla's #unapologetic Rebel Heart banga: If you haven't already seen a #WITHOUTMUSIC treatment for one of your fave's music videos, you're in for a treat. The concept here is pretty simple: The popular YouTube channel takes a music video, strips out the music, and then throws in all the hysterical sound effects that you'd likely be hearing if the song wasn't playing. And now, Madge has is the latest star to receive their music-less makeover.

There's only too much silliness, from the lil' Madge troupe singalong that kicks off the clip, to the hallway make-out sesh ("HEY, IT'S BRITNEY!"), to their incredible take on Chris Rock's natural singing voice. Our only criticism? We just wanted more! Nevertheless, still gold...and their take on Britney & Iggy's "Pretty Girls" is equally hilarious.

Watch above! Na, na, na, na, na...

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