William Hendrix Jr. takes his yard work very, very seriously.

WESH reports the 55-year-old man from Deland, Florida continued doing chores around his house Monday after he found the body of a man who he'd taken in as a boarder.

Hendrix, who was arrested, elected not to call police because his girlfriend, who owns the home, had asked him not to take in any more boarders. His lady love soon found out about the body, though, and called police herself on Tuesday. When confronted by authorities, Hendrix said after finding the body of 46-year-old Daniel Ferris he mowed his lawn and then poured bleach over the body to remove any stench.

A police spokesman said, "Instead of reporting the body like he's required to under the law, he continued on with his yard work. (It's a) very strange case, very unusual."

Police say they don't believe foul play was a factor in Ferris' death.

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