A Moses Lake man was sentenced after attacking a FedEx driver with a claw hammer at a movie theater parking lot.

30 year old Vilyam Veresko was sentenced to 5 total days in jail after receiving 90 days in jail, with 85 days suspended for one year.

Back in 2015, the FedEx driver was attempting to leave the parking lot of the movie theater when a black car pulled in front to block him.

The FedEx driver tried to pull around but the black car moved again blocking the truck from leaving.

At this point both the FedEx driver and the driver of the black car (Veresko) exit their vehicles, and Veresko is armed with a claw hammer.

Veresko threatened the FedEx driver saying he will "break his knees"and swung the hammer at him multiple times, according to reports.

The FedEx driver managed to avoid getting hit and Veresko ran away from the scene.

Police managed to find Veresko down the street at his place of work and arrested him. The claw hammer was found in a coworker of Veresko's car.

A coworker of Veresko says he frequently gets angry when people speed by where they work.

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