Pasco Police were called out to Walmart earlies this week due to reports of a man prowling cars in the parking lot. When they arrived and confronted the suspect things quickly went south...

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Here's the actual account from Pasco Police perspective:

It was a 6-02 male suspected of prowling unlocked cars in the Walmart parking lot at about 12:52 AM early Monday morning (so, just minutes after midnight). This would be misdemeanor property crime if true. A witness not only reported watching the car prowls, but had photographed the suspect in Walmart’s lot.

The poor decision maker, however, refused to cooperate with Officers Brad Leininger and Jason Nuñez after he was pointed out in a nearby parking lot and contacted by the two. (Stop making it worse!) When he refused to be handcuffed, a struggle started and he was taken to the pavement, where he continued to resist. A third officer arrived.

He was tased twice in an effort to get him into cuffs. (It’s still getting worse.) Resisting arrest is still a misdemeanor, though. But when you bite the nice officer after the tasings, you have upgraded to Assault Third Degree, a C-felony. (Now you’ve done it.) The nice officer, #K9Jucon’s driver, Officer Brad Leininger, complained bitterly about the biting. The third officer, Mike Andrews, applied the Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint (LVNR, please never call it a “chokehold”) to the suspect, causing him to pass out momentarily, getting him cuffed.

More officers and a long-suffering sergeant arrived. While Officer Leininger figuratively licked his wounds, others held the still-uncooperative suspect down until the wrap restraint arrived. It was placed around his legs, a spit-hood was put over his head, he was loaded into an ambulance, he was medically checked at Lourdes ER, and he was eventually booked into Franklin County Jail.

The suspect, Jermaine D. Sparks, DOB 101182 of Pasco, was booked on an investigative hold for Assault Third Degree, and may face additional misdemeanor charges in this case.

Anyone with additional info about this case is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Mike Andrews at about case 19-32413 Assault.

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