The Berkshires in western Massachusetts are certainly at no shortage of outdoor adventure. But even some locals who have lived here most of their lives have never heard of this hidden gem in one of the smallest towns in Berkshire County.

Located in Tyringham, Massachusetts, Ashintully Gardens is 120 gorgeous acres which contain amazing views and generational history, capped up with the ruins of what was once known as "The Marble Palace".

Managed by The Trustees of Reservations the blend of formal and informal gardens are fun for all ages and abilities. Ashintully, a Gaelic word meaning “on the brow of the hill”, was the name given to the original 1,000-acre estate assembled in the early 20th century by Egyptologist and state representative, Robb de Peyster Tytus from three farms in Tyringham and additional land in Otis.

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In 1910 Tytus built a white, Georgian-style mansion which came to be known as the Marble Palace among local residents because of the way the pure white sand that was used for the stucco reflected the sunlight. The "palace" was destroyed by a fire in 1952 and now visitors can take a well-maintained half-mile path to check out the columns and other ruins left behind.

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