Massy Ferguson will be playing the new country/rock stage this year at the UnTapped Blues & Brews Festival presented by Mid Valley Chrysler Jeep. Dodge, and Ram (Exit 73 in Grandview).

As we expanded the offerings at UnTapped we wanted to also include a band that touched the newer Americana style that is popular in today's music scene.

Massy Ferguson will play at 6:30 p.m. on the new stage west of the beer barns.

The video has an interview segment introducing the band and their song. "Hello." Enjoy:

Seattle bassist and lead vocalist Ethan Anderson had this to say about their style (jokingly):

It sounds like warm, sunny music, something that would be playing on a crappy car stereo while you and your buddy got beer-canned wasted hanging out in your dad's broke down El Camino in 9th grade during an August heat wave."

Often referred to as alt. country, or roots-rock and Americana, Massy Ferguson has drawn comparisons to Son Volt, The Bottle Rockets, Blue Rodeo as well as Thin Lizzy and Bruce Springsteen. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer called them "the people's band" and a "roots Americana quartet" that "combines steady, blue-collar alt. country with Southern rock and an everyman ethos that has helped it land gigs all over the world."

Comprised of Ethan Anderson (vocals/bass/flute), Adam Monda (guitars, backing vocals), Tony Mann (piano), and Dave Goedde (drums), this quartet lives up to The Seattle Weekly's assertion that "you know only good things can come from a band that named itself after a farm-equipment company."


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