Last year we reported that the McDonald's on Court street in Pasco was being demolished and those of us at the radio station we're BUMMED..I mean really BUMMED...but we're excited to report

Photo From Tri-Cities Area Business Journal
Photo From Tri-Cities Area Business Journal

that the store was being rebuilt to be bigger and better than the old one! Well It's official the New Micky D's is open and looks spectacular...Ummm they've been re-opened since early January...not sure how I missed that...probably all the snow days! Anyway Yes indeed they are open and here a quick list of all the improvements at the 2202 W. Court Street location...

  • Seating for 160 customers
  • Free WiFi is available in all the dining rooms
  • Features an upscale industrial contemporary theme
  • Features sparkle tables, tables with touch-sensitive interactive lights
  • Televisions
  • An indoor play area

Big Mac anyone??


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