Taser subdues unruly suspect (FCSO)
Taser subdues unruly suspect (FCSO)

Early Tuesday morning, Franklin County Deputies deployed a Taser to bring down an unruly suspect.

Wanted suspect nailed by Taser near Kahlotus

35-year-old Santone Eiffert was being tracked by Deputies in Kahlotus after he was spotted. It seems he had an outstanding warrant from the Department of Corrections, a "2nd Escape" warrant which stemmed from a felony order violation conviction.

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Eiffert fled on foot, then tried to fight back after a brief chase. He was no match for the Taser and was brought under control and taken to the Franklin County Jail.

What effects to a Taser have on a person?

Tasers, depending upon where the prongs hit you,  cause what is called involuntary muscle contractions. Like similar stun guns, a Taser can cause a person to completely stiffen up like a 'log,'  and the pain is often described by those who have been hit or had one tested on them as being the worst in their life.

 Do Tasers make you 'let go' of #1 and #2?

Again depending upon the person and where they are hit, they often cause a person to empty their bladder which some law enforcement experts say is more than enough to cause a suspect to give up. And, yes, they can even cause #2 to let go.  Yikes!  A good idea not to resist arrest then, huh?


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