Mid-Columbia Musical Theater recently debuted it's play Next To Normal. Which is about a mother whose bipolar disorder is continuously worsening, affecting her loved ones and family. For more information and remaining show dates go here. Let's meet the cast!

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    Katrina Carlson

    Diana Goodman

    Katrina says it was the most amazing experiences ever. The trust and the collaboration of everyone blew her away. She wouldn't ask for a different cast to do the show with.

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    Tyler Zirker


    When asked about what he loved about doing this production Tyler said, "I love it, iv'e never worked with a better production team and cast. i prefer smaller shows, i'm able to work with the cast more closely." He's been in many Hanford productions and Le miz.

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    Katie Evans

    Natalie Goodman

    Katie says, this show has been one of her most rewarding experiences ever. She says it's been great getting to know everyone and she's learned more about acting. She has done lots of Hanford plays and was Elle in legally blonde.

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    Joshua Lee Fox

    Gabe Goodman

    In Josh's perspective the music is amazing, he loves being able to sing in the show. He loves the dedication of the cast and he loves doing a show that means something. He's done plays with Hanford and CBC

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    Sam Shick

    Dr. Fine & Dr. Madden

    Sam says, "this is a musical unlike any other Iv'e done before, variety is good." He believes this show provides questions that need to be asked and really enjoyed the people involved.

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    Scott Whitemarsh

    Dan Goodman

    Scott says, "I enjoy telling a much needed story that an area like ours may not think they're ready for but need to know. He has also been in many Mid Columbia Musical Theater shows.

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    Anna Newbury


    Anna says, "The collaborative atmosphere and working with an awesome team who were very invested and generous is what has turned this show into what it is.

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