I swear I don't know how they come up with this stuff...

But, According to a new survey by Ashley Madison, the website that caters to people looking for affairs (and why do they even HAVE a website like that!?)  Supposedly says that men who cheat on their wives are most likely to drive... TOYOTAS!

And Women who cheat are most likely to drive HONDA'S!

I promise, I did not go the site myself  looking for affairs. Plus, I'm not married. But, it was an article in some news information that we get here at the radio station

And I thought..."Boy...if you  start looking at what car your honey drives to assess whether or not he is a cheater....that could really start to make a person crazy! And it seems like they are always coming out with articles in Glamour or Women's Day or something saying "The signs he's cheating" etc.


I think the world would be a better place if everyone just told the TRUTH 100 % of the time!

I think most women would agree with that. How bout you? Would you rather always have the truth from your man even if it's hurtful? I know I would!

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