If you look sky high over the next few days, you might be able to spot the Lyrid meteor shower.

The Lyrid meteor showers are an annual event that runs from April 16th through April 26th and if you know where to look, you might be able to see it from Central Oregon.

You might be able to see 15 - 20 meteors in the sky near the Gorge and Central Oregon.

The Lyrid showers are famous as they've been around since recorded history dating back to as far as 687 B.C.

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Avid stargazers know that the Lyrid showers are dust particles from the long-period comet Thatcher. If you look to the constellation Lyra and the brightest star Vega, you'll be able to spot and locate the showers.

The moon this week will be at 70% illuminated so it'll be a little harder to see them in the sky. The best way to see them is to get out of the city as far as possible so the pollution won't cancel out the showers.

The best way to view the Lyrid Meteor Showers is after 10 PM and you can see them before 4:45 AM.

You can read more details on this week's meteor showers here.

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