Miley Cyrus' tongue has been the subject of lots of cray cray headlines and chatter over the past year. But now the twerking queen's tongue is being sued… sort of!

On her current Bangerz Tour, one of the props used in the production is a gargantuan replica of her tongue, recreated as a tongue slide, featuring Miley's face.

TMZ reports Charles Nicholas Sarris was hired by ShowFx Inc., a Los Angeles company, to assist in the creation of the prop. He sustained an injury while doing so and is now suing them.

So to be clear, he is not suing Miss Miley or that famous tongue. He is suing the company he worked for which made the prop.

Sarris claims that he was badly injured on the job last month. He also claims that the tools and equipment that were provided to help him complete the task didn't work, causing him to fall and get seriously hurt. He also claims ShowFx did not warn him about the possible dangers of the job.

Nevertheless, he is seeking unspecified damages, according to TMZ. Somehow, we don't think he wants a pair of comped tickets to a Bangerz gig or a meet-and-greet with Miley for his troubles.

In case you haven't seen it yet, below is a pic of the giant Miley tongue slide at the heart of this litigation.

Miley Cyrus Tongue Slide Lawsuit
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

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