A young girl from Moses Lake has donated over $20,000 to the Moses Lake Department's K-9 program.

How did she do it? Her story is a great warm and fuzzy on how she accomplished her goal.

9-year-old Kenna Morrison, who does business as Slime by Kenna, swung by the police department today with a donation of $20,275 toward the purchase of a second K9 for the Moses Lake Police Department.

Kenna decided a few weeks ago that she was going to donate the sales from the Farmer’s Market on Sept. 1st to charity. Since she loves dogs (her mom is a veterinarian) and cops (two MLPD officers live on her street), she decided on the Moses Lake PD K9 program.

Then, the 9-year-old superstar (supported by superstar parents Brad and Jesyka Morrison) went around to 60+ local businesses asking them to match Kenna’s donation (up to a limit). The response was overwhelming, and not only did many businesses donate, but Kenna sold out $1,000 worth of slime in three hours at the market. People kept coming and she took in an additional $2,500 in donations.

Talk about a humbling experience, Kenna has shown us all what hard work and support can do for a cause.

Great job Kenna!


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