A woman was arrested after a string of collisions in Grant County. Deputies responded to multiple reports of hit-and-run collisions on Tuesday afternoon, just after 1:30 pm. The first collision was reported in the 100 block of Dogwood Street in Moses Lake.

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Just minutes later, Deputies were notified of two more collisions in the 100 block of Ginko Road North and another collision in the 200 block of Lakeshore Drive. This collision also involved a vehicle and a residence.

Credit: Soap Lake Police Department Facebook page.
Credit: Soap Lake Police Department Facebook page.

As deputies arrived on the scene of the vehicle into the house collision, they witnessed a female leaving the vehicle. The female driver was stumbling as she attempted to flee the scene.

The woman was arrested for probable cause of driving under the influence. The woman was identified as Tara Freitas of Moses Lake. She was found to have a half-gallon bottle of vodka concealed in her purse.

After investigation, it was learned that Freitas was involved in three different crime scenes and there were several witnesses. Freitas is alleged to have damaged several fences, a fire hydrant, and finally, the house, which had occupants. At each scene, parts of her vehicle fell off.

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According to Officers, Freitas didn't know where she was and admitted to deputies that she was an alcoholic.

If you have any property damage that may have been due to Freitas's actions, please contact the police at 509-246-1122.

Freitas was arrested for DUI. She faces criminal charges for felony hit-and-run collisions and several misdemeanors. No one was injured in any of the collisions.

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