One Of Washington State's Deadliest Road Is Right Next To The Tri-Cities

In 2019, there were over 1,000 fatal car accidents in Washington State. While this number is down from 2018, it's still a tragedy for the families and communities affected by these crashes.

Female Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident Sat Against Car.

Do You Recognize Any Of These Dangerous Highways In Washington State?

As my wife and I came back from Oregon, I was shocked at how many drivers went flying by easily exceeding the posted speed limit signs by 20 or more MPH.

It was scary watching some of the unsafe maneuvers that could've resulted in a wreck.

It's amazing how some people think that an accident won't ever happen to them but sadly it does when most people aren't expecting it.

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Here Are Five Deadly Highways In Washington State You Should Be Aware Of

Many of these accidents happen on what are known as "safety corridors."

Car Crash with police


These are roads that have been identified as being particularly dangerous, and as such, they receive extra funding for safety improvements.

But which roads are the most dangerous?

Here's a look at the five most dangerous safety corridors in Washington State.

5 of Washington State’s Most Deadly Roads Are Close to Tri-Cities

5 of Washington State's deadliest roads should have drivers take caution when driving them.

There are plenty of dangerous roads in Washington State, but these five are particularly treacherous. If you're driving on any of them, make sure to stay alert and obey all traffic laws. Above all else, don't text while you're behind the wheel!

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