Home builders in Tri-Cities have hit a sweet spot. About 1,000-1,200 new homes every year is enough to satisfy demand, but not depreciate values, reports the Tri-City Herald. If builders stick to that pace, growth will be sustainable. What do you think of the new neighborhoods? If I had the power to GIFT YOU any house in the Tri-Cities, what neighborhood would you want to live in?

I would choose one of the new neighborhoods in south Kennewick.

It's the new part of town -- that's why the hospital build there, that's why the city build Carousel of Dreams there.

The new stuff in south and West Richland are nice, but they will fill in soon. Then Badger Canyon will be next, but south Kennewick has no limitations.

The proximity to 395 makes it easy to get downtown and to Pasco. The new Steptoe extension makes it easy to get to Columbia Center Boulevard and Richland. That's where I'd want to live.

But the stuff going in around Richland is great. Queensgate is filling in and people want to live close to those conveniences.

So what do you think. If you won a million dollars but had to use it on a local home, where would you choose to live?