I personally Love that my husband helps me in the kitchen well for the most part. He usually does the dishes after I cook, however sometimes he tries to tell me how to cook and it really annoys me...apparently I'm not alone check out these stat's from a recent survey...

(Photo From : Wavebreak Media)
(Photo From : Wavebreak Media)

A new survey by Wren Kitchens & Bedrooms reveals that 25% of women find men annoying in the kitchen. Other findings:

- 27% of women get angry when their partner fails to wash dishes

- 33% of women say their partner makes a mess when he tries to help in the kitchen

- 15% of women dislike when their partner secretly spices their dishes
Most Annoying Male Kitchen Habits

1. The mess they make when cooking ... 39%

2. Leaving you to wash up when you've done the cooking ... 27%

3. Offering advice when it's not needed ... 22%

4. Being watched over the shoulder while they are cooking ... 21%

5. Adding ingredients and interfering behind their back ... 16%

6. Their partner being a better cook .. 9%

7. Cooking that tastes awful ... 8%

8. Cooking too slowly ... 8%

9. Posting pictures of meals on Facebook ... 4%

10. Their partner doesn't let them cook ... 3%



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