I'm an avid Mountain Dew drinker as you may know from me talking about it all the time on my radio show.

I think if our listeners had to pick one thing that they remember most about me, it'd be my consumption of "The Dew."

They know Mountain Dew is a daily part of my life, but recently Mountain Dew has me taking a second take at the grocery store due to their new labels.

I am super picky about grabbing the coldest Dew from the case and if I feel a warm one, I'll dig even deeper to get a colder one.

Last week I noticed something different about the label, and it's been making me stop and actually look rather than grabbing and going,

The new label is a lighter green -- normally that shade is reserved for Diet Mountain Dew.


I have on several occasions in the past grabbed a Diet Dew by accident, and trust me, I don't take my pop unleaded.

The new label has me stopping and looking to make sure I don't grab a Diet Dew by mistake.

I guess anything that slows me down must be a good thing, even though I'm already missing that classic dark green label in the grocer's cooler.


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