No, that's not a typo. But if you've got the qualifications, NASA might want to talk to you. And, it's a REAL job.

This is a job like no other in the world. No, it doesn't involve zipping around in a spaceship like the Guardians of the Galaxy. But it's a real position.

The British newspaper The Independent has found the job listing at NASA for a Planet Protection Officer.  It seems this position is one of a kind. The person is in charge of ensuring that exploratory programs to space don't 'pollute' or destroy planets or objects in the sky, but ALSO ensure Earth isn't harmed by anything from space--and that includes aliens.

The six figure job pays over 186K a year, and requires 'lots of travel.' That figures, being a space agency job.  But not space travel. It seems the previous Planet Protection Officer is being relocated to a different position...or maybe another planet? Seriously, though, their job is real, and NASA is looking at candidates.

The job does entail making sure that all NASA programs are safe, non-polluting and non-destructive. Imagine having THAT gig on your resume!



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