The Adams County Sheriff's Office issued evacuation orders for a number of homes and people in Lind, WA Thursday.

  Evacuations orders were issued around 1 PM Thursday, August 4

The ACSO says a large fast-moving brush fire is threatening the town in Adams County.   Officials say they are telling people who reside south of Highway 21, which runs through the middle of town east to west, to evacuate.

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Highway 21 is listed as 1st Street inside the city limits. The Sheriff's Department released this information:

"First responders are evacuating homes in the area. Any persons south of HWY 21 in Lind needs to leave to safety ASAP. 4 to five structures have been lost at this point.
Another fire sparked on near highway 395.
All responders are working hard to fight this fire. Please avoid the area.
Updates to this post will be forthcoming as information becomes available."
Highway 21 in yellow (Google maps)
Highway 21 in yellow (Google maps)

     According to the ACSO and local media reports, several structures have already been lost.  More updates are expected soon.

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