My Foster Sister Is A Dead Ringer for an Idaho Murderer!

So I often talked about my amazing foster family and growing up at the Boggan's Oasis in Southeastern Washington State but something unexpected jumped out at me a few days ago.

Learn About Idaho Inmate Marguerite Boggan: Murderer To Forgiven Release

I was going through some Facebook posts and I saw a shockingly familiar face but it wasn't my foster sister, it was a murderer from Idaho. I was surprised at first but the whole story is pretty fascinating.

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So my foster sister Kathy is related to the murderer no doubt but this resemblance is uncanny.

The story of Marguerite Boggan goes like this, she was 34 and served one year and eleven days at the Idaho State Penitentiary for involuntary manslaughter. In 1932, she shot and killed her husband, whom she described as a raging alcoholic, at a brothel in Lemhi County.

She was later pardoned by the Governor and was featured in a short film about the incident where her sentence was changed from first-degree murder to involuntary manslaughter and had to serve a one-year sentence with her mother, which Marguerite, cringes about at the end.

So my foster sister and her long-lost family member share an uncanny resemblance that I've included below:

rik/canva/idaho state archives
rik/canva/idaho state archives

I'm sure my foster sister will kill me later when she sees this comparison so there might be a double-murder later today.

I have to say it was a fascinating story and they even made a short film about her ancestors so I hope she won't be too angry at me. You have to admit the genes are strong in this family.

You can read more about Marguerite Boggan here

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