I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but like most of us, I AM thinking (or stressing) about Christmas!

I have not had a Christmas tree in my house for the past 7 years. In fact, I’ve been almost a complete humbug! (Is that what it’s called?)

Partly I think because I got divorced 7 years ago and my kids are grown men now and no longer live at home.

If I were to get real honest with myself, I think it's also because I get a bit overwhelmed about all the gift giving! How could you possibly buy something for all the people you love? A person would be in debt forever! And how do you chose who to buy for? It makes me want to just escape Christmas all together!

It felt a little different when our kids were small and we were trying to make a “Magical Christmas” for them. We tried not to go overboard with gifts for one, because we couldn’t afford it but also because we didn’t want to send the message that THAT is what Christmas is about!

But honestly, even at my best back then, I never did the holidays very well! I’ve just never been good at Christmas! But I would like to be!

Holidays were never a pleasant time for me as a child. So as an adult, I was never quite sure how to make them different.

No matter how hard I tried to mimic what other people did, I never could quite pull it off!

My boys are grown men now (and don’t seem too damaged by my lack of Christmas luster!) But, I’ve always felt bad for it. And wished I could make it different.

For the first time since my divorce, I am actually feeling a bit festive. I actually feel compelled to decorate! Put a Christmas tree up and lights outside the house! And even bake a little! (I know…weird huh?)

I’m envisioning hot apple cider on the stove on a cold winter’s day. And people coming to visit and snacking on homemade holiday delights! I’ve even been gathering a few recipes I think will be good. (Let’s hope I can actually make them!)

I’m suddenly in the mood to even SHOP for the perfect gift for the people I love! (Now if you know me at all, and most of you do, you know I HATE to shop!) I’ve never been good at shopping either! I hate it! Probably because I never have much money which means you gotta work hard at finding a DEAL! And what if you get the wrong thing that they don’t like and it’s a waste of money anyway? See where I go with this? Man, I struggle! How do you decide who ONLY to buy for? When there are so many people I love? It’s always so much pressure! I wish we wouldn’t do gifts at all! I always feel completely inadequate at gift giving!

But, for whatever reason, I'm feeling the desire to try again at the whole holiday thing! I’m planning on cooking for Thanksgiving and the day afterwards, I’m going to start in with decorating my house. Nothing fancy, just a tree and lights. And lights outside my house (how do you hook those up anyway?)

I’m hoping I can create something memorable for my boyfriend and my boys who will visit. But before I begin… I thought it best to enlist YOUR help!

So, after reading this, would you mind terribly replying with your comments or ideas that might be helpful?

I super appreciate it! Recipe’s? Gift ideas? (a mental frame of mind to stay in and not hate the holidays or get overwhelmed etc). Traditions? (is it too late for that?) Anything you think I should know… You listeners are a wealth of information and I love you all for always being so supportive of me and my quests for knowledge about things. So thank you in advance for your reply!

And,I know it’s early... But, MERRY CHRISTMAS! And THANK YOU!! XXXOOO