Years ago I took my son to an N'Sync concert in Spokane and he got to meet Justin Timberlake. We waited in line and he couldn't figure out what was going on around us with the girls. .

We saw N'Sync at the Spokane Arena in 1999 and went backstage to meet the band. My son Logan was four or five at the time.

We waited in a long line and girls where weeping, crying and collapsing all around us.

He looked up at me, grasping my hand, big eyes open as wide as could be and asked an earnest question - "what's wrong with them Daddy?, are they sick?"

I said "sort of"

He got it his album signed by the band including Justin Timberlake and he still has it.

I look at the 13-year old boy at last night's Superbowl game and it reminds me of my son asking "what's wrong with these people"

It is cool when you meet a super star.

It was before selfies so we didn't get a photo, just an autograph but in the same year he got to meet Nick Lachey and 98 Degrees at the Gorge showing how I dragged him from show to show back then.



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