The Warner Brothers production of the new National Lampoons Vacation movie filmed white water rafting scenes from the amazing and scenic Hells Canyon. The premise of the newest addition to the National Lampoon franchise is Family Vacation with Clark Griswolds grown son Rusty and his family vacationing through the Grand Canyon...

Andy Melton, Flickr, Creative Commons

But the actual white water scenes were shot in Hells Canyon with a stunt crew!

The movie is set to be released summer 2015 and stars: Ed Helms and Christina  Applegate. The actors will actually shoot their white water rafting scenes at a whitewater training facility in Charlotte, North Carolina according to an article  in Living In The

Weird a movie about Rafting in the Grand Canyon but the actual rafting takes place in Hells canyon and actors at a rafting school....Oh'Well that's Hollywood, though I'm pretty excited about a new National Lampoons Movie!