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Gotta' love our Pasco Police Department!  They're on it!  And, while we're at it, it may help to have security cameras, which it looks like in this case, they did.

Things did NOT go well for one Jordan Valentine on Tuesday.  This guy allegedly entered a Pasco home with his skateboard and left with items that didn't belong to him.

My Momma always told me, "Don't take what doesn't belong to you."

Video doesn't lie.  Add to that some vigilant neighbors and the suspicious suspect was caught, red-handed, so to speak.

Jordan 3

Love it when the community comes together, don't you?

Check out how it all happened, courtesy of the Pasco PD's Facebook page.

I know that I've been looking to upgrade our security cameras.  One cannot be too careful at this time.  Which is the best system?  According to, these are the best-rated security systems.

Valentine was booked at the Franklin County jail charged with Felony Residential Burglary.

Protect your homes people.

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