If you haven't heard about this guy yet, there's an Asian-American NBA player on the New York Knicks named Jeremy Lin who's become the biggest pro basketball story of the year... in the span of one week.

Lin went to Harvard, wasn't drafted, was cut by two teams, wound up on the end of the Knicks bench, was jammed into the starting lineup because of injuries... and proceeded to put up insane stats to lead the team to six straight wins.

Here is the highlight from the winning shot!

And now his rite of passage continues: like Tim Tebow before him, he's got his own online Facebook photo trend. It's called "Linning."

Before the Knicks games, Lin does one of those elaborate handshakes with a teammate... and to pay homage to his nerd roots, the handshake involves cupping their hands around their eyes like thick glasses.

So people are taking photos of themselves making the Lin glasses hand signal at each other and posting them online lovingly mocking nerdiness instead of religion.

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