Talk about tragic...officials say a teen boy struck and killed by a vehicle near Toppenish just over 2 days ago still has not been identified, in part because nobody has come forward looking for him. The boy didn't have any ID on him.

According to the boy was hit Tuesday while walking along the 3500 block of South Wapato Road, about five miles west of town when he was hit.

Officials say it was possibly a commercial vehicle that struck him, judging from injuries and evidence at the scene. A second driver who was passing by later was the one who reported it after hitting the body lying in the road.

Officials say the teen was Native American, standing between 5'3" and 5'5" and weighed about 165lbs. He was wearing a tie-dye shirt with tan pants and had a pink blanket with a native design.

Officials plan to examine his teeth to determine his age more accurately.  Officials say fingerprints sent to the state and FBI in hopes of identifying him probably won't turn up leads because he is so young.

Charges will not be filed against the second driver, officials say the boy was believed to already be dead when he was hit by the second vehicle.

Officials also say it's surprising that after two full days, going on three, nobody has reported him missing. No suspect have been identified yet, say authorities.

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