Watch a city councilman try to use democracy to strip a veteran of his constitutional right to exercise the 2nd Amendment.

We're expecting this story to go national. During a city council meeting the topic of guns came up and citizen Lucas Yonkman stood up, announced he was a disabled veteran, had spent five years in Afghanistan serving our country, and carried a fire arm every day as part of his job to protect people. He said he hoped everyone felt safer because of people like him. Then council member Rick Almberg ( wanted to know if he had a gun in the meeting (and apparently had pushed to make Yonkman remove his hat earlier in the meeting). The city attorney said that wasn't really his place to ask, but Yonkman volunteered that he did have a concealed weapon, along with a concealed weapon permit, along with hours of training as a professional, along with the battle scars he received defending his right to carry.

Almberg proposed a motion (that the city attorney later said was illegal) to have him check the weapon at the door, or leave. The motion was voted down, and Almberg got up and left. Mayor Scott Dudley then gave an eloquent speech explaining the city council's responsibility is to defend and protect citizens' civil rights and that he, for one, felt safer having Yonkman in the room. Check out the good part here:

Watch the full 10 minute video from the meeting: