For years, to alleviate congestion, there's been talk about building a third bridge to span the Columbia between Kennewick and Pasco.  Several locations have been suggested, including near Road 100 by Pasco. But that location is now off the table.

This new bridge would be a North-South bridge, and would reportedly help alleviate the congestion on the Blue Bridge.  Funding has been a big issue for the project, it's been discussed over the last ten years.

The project has been called The Columbia River Crossing. And now, thanks to a grant from a tire company in Maylaysia, it could happen. This company specializes in a new Vulcanized rubber compound, the same type used in hockey pucks in the NHL. But this one reportedly has the same basic tensile strength as steel. Many items have been made from this process, and now a bridge.

Drivers may feel a slight bounciness when going over the river, but officials say it's strength will be without question.  The bridge will utilize this unusual design, to take advantage of the rubber's components and structure.

Officials say it will begin near Road 69 in Pasco, and should be completed within 365 days. Groundbreaking is slated to begin in August of this year. Boinnnnggg!  Progress!



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