An old Kennewick elementary school went out with a 'bang' recently, being used by area law enforcement for training before it's demolished. This image is from a video (see below) of one of the entry training drills...the flash bang.

Ridgeview Elementary used for 'breach training'

Kennewick Police said the building was the perfect venue for area officers to practice what's called 'breach training.'

Breach training is one of a number of techniques utilized by SWAT and other law enforcement teams to enter buildings quickly, often when facing high-risk suspects where speed, power, and 'shock' are needed.

In this case, the breach training involved using flashbangs and other explosive-type devices to practice blowing up doors and entrances, followed by the SWAT team.

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  Ridgeview will be demolished for a brand new school at the same location

Much like Kennewick High, and several other schools in the area, Ridgeview is being replaced in its existing location. The old school will be torn down and replaced by a brand new one that is expected to be completed and open sometime between January 2023 and August 2024. The new school is pictured here.

Rendition of new Ridge View elementary (KSD)
Rendition of new Ridge View elementary (KSD)


So with the old structure being completely empty, it was perfect for law enforcement to practice, and teams from all over the region utilized it for this training. Below is a video from the Kennewick Police Department showing a flash and entry.

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