It's not that Oregon forestry officials are being pessimistic. They're just being realistic. MILLIONS of people are expected to visit Oregon for the Aug. 21 eclipse of the sun.

With that many people coming to the state and most of them camping, or at least spending the day outdoors, wildfires and forest fires will be INEVITABLE.

A very wet winter helped weeds, grasses and undergrowth grow ferociously this spring/summer, and by August the life cycle for many of those plants will be over and they'll be dry. The weather will be hot. Calculate the risk. Oregon is going to burn!

The state is simply not prepared for additional fires and the consequences could be serious.

What can you and I do to help? We need to be as safe as possible -- not just with campfires and cigarettes, but but make sure you don't drive your vehicle over tall grasses (the undercarriage is hot and can ignite them). Don't throw glass bottles around (which can amplify the sun's rays like a magnifying glass and start a fire).

Dramatic scientific background - full sun eclipse in dark red sky

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