With the holidays fast approaching, NOW's the time to book your 2023 mountain stay!

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Patti Banner, Brooke-Airbnb
Patti Banner, Brooke-Airbnb

While everyone is scrambling to book their holiday escapes, why not look ahead and plan for the new year? Book your 2023 winter or summer vacation NOW. Give yourself something to look forward to. We've discovered the perfect retreat to ring in the new year!

A delightful, cozy cabin awaits your presence in Government Camp, Oregon.

The cabin is surrounded by dozens of trails (Glade Trail is beautiful to hike in the summer and fun to ski/snowshoe in the winter) and is just a short walk to the Timberline shuttle pickup location near the Highway 26 rest stop.


If you're into hiking, sledding, or skiing this awesome mountain experience is an adventure worth exploring. And then, return to your cabin with a hot tub right outside the front door.

Cozy, Captivating Mountain Retreat in Oregon Awaits You

A rich, enjoyable experience is what you'll experience at this beautiful retreat in Oregon.

The reviews of this cozy cabin are tremendous!

This little place is amazing! There is so much to do in and around  Government Camp, it is well worth the money to stay here. Spend the day exploring and evenings in the hot tub to relax! There are accessible trails right up the road from the house and you can’t beat the mountain town atmosphere. All in all a beautifully relaxing stay! ~ Anna

Our second time here, and it was just as lovely as before. The cabin is cozy and warm and has all the essentials. The bed is very comfortable. The hot tub is wonderful and clean. The proximity to mountain activities makes this a perfect spot to stay a few nights. ~ Julie

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