It's a dream come true for Oregonians! That is if you're not a fan of spending time at the Department of Motor Vehicles. According to a statement issued today from the state's Driver and Motor Vehicle Services, Oregon residents will be able to renew licenses, permits, and identification cards online, maybe as early as May 5th.


The new feature will be available at The hope is to save thousands of Oregonians a trip to their DMV office and to free up appointment times for others. Due to the pandemic, demand is at an all-time high for appointments.

After you renew online, you can print a receipt to carry with you. If you're stopped by Police, they'll be able to verify your driving privileges electronically.

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What a wonderful convenience! Who has time to spend in line at the DMV these days? Credentials you'll be able to renew online include:

Driver license
Commercial Driver license
Instruction permit
Motorcycle instruction permit
Restricted moped-only license
Disability golf cart driver permit
ID card

Find out if you’re eligible online in May

To be certain that you are eligible to renew your current Oregon card online, in early May go to and start using the online renewal option. It will ask you questions, and if you’re eligible to renew online, you will be able to complete the transaction using a debit/credit card.

For more information on how to access DMV services in Oregon, click here.

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