If there were a list of things you could do to guarantee a night in the slammer, this guy may have a perfect batting average. He may just be the worst (or best?) drunk driver ever.

  • 1

    Found passed out drunk stopped in the middle of the road

    A trooper found him unconscious in the middle of the road near Warden. The 2002 Lancer was disabled.

  • 2

    He was so out of it deputies couldn't wake him up

    Grant County deputies arrived on the scene first. They couldn't wake the driver up knocking on the window. Once the trooper arrived he tried knocking harder and finally got the man's attention.

  • 3

    He tried to start his car with a cellphone charging cord

    The trooper grabbed his keys so he couldn't get away so the man grabbed the cellphone charging cord on his passenger's set, stuck it in the ignition and tried turning over his engine.

  • 4

    He lied that he DIDN'T have a license

    Most drivers try the old, "I know it's here somewhere... hold on a second... be patient... maybe it's in the glove box... I know I have it officer... I always have my license officer, it's here somewhere... OMG it's been stolen... can you take a stolen license report for me?"

    No, no... this guy lied he DIDN'T have a license on him.

  • 5

    He gave his BROTHER'S name to police

    I think we've all been tempted to do this when we got in trouble, but that voice in our heads says, "No, he would KILL YOU"

  • 6

    "It's been HOURS since my last drink"

    Never try to convince a trooper it's been hours since your last drink through slurred speech and droopy eyes. They've heard that one before.

  • 7

    Car smelled like Willie Nelson's tour bus

    It's not a good idea to get caught for DUI in a car wafting pot smoke.

  • 8

    Four Locos

    Let's be clear on something: unless you're home for the night watching TV, "Four Locos" are NEVER a good idea.

  • 9

    Refusing the breathalizer

    Washington state law is written such that refusing the breathalizer is like turning the jail cell key yourself.

  • 10

    Getting busted by your mom!

    It was the driver's own mother who emailed police notifying them he'd used his little brother's name to avoid jail time.