I love summer! And one of the things I love about it is -- USUALLY -- you don't have to be bundled up anymore! This year of course has been a little weird weather wise, but normally we can all wear sandals and skirts and lighter clothing when the winter passes.

But, don't ya hate it when you go to a movie theater or a restaurant and ya have to bring in a jacket so you don't FREEZE!!? I mean in a rough economy and when we are all TRYING to conserve energy, why do we all air condition our business's so that people are so cold they have to bring in coats? I just don't get it...

Here at work, everything is computerized so apparently we have to keep the studios cool all year around. I freeze most of the time, and I literally have to wear a jacket! Pretty funny huh? I don't have air conditioning in my 1993 Honda Del Sol, so I wear summer attire driving around but, have to keep an assortment of medium to heavy weight jackets available at all times for work or anywhere else I may go around town.

I hate to be cold. And it's always Soooo freeeeezing in the summer in every business I go into!!

Is it JUST ME? Or do you agree?